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2016- 2017 Registration Information

Please check the Counseling Page for registration documents.

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Stakeholders Report 2015

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School Fees

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Bus Routes

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Hope Squad

Hope Squad is a group of students working to uplift, encourage and motivate students at Frontier Middle School. Hope Squad students are trusted by their peers and will be trained to listen and respond to other students with empathy, understanding and compassion. Hope Squad students will also be trained to help students struggling with delicate needs find a responsible adult at the school to talk to and receive the assistance they may need.

Frontier Archery

Frontier Archery will be starting Oct. 18th. All grades are invited to join. A mandatory training session must be attended on either Oct. 11th or Oct. 12th. Details can be found on the archery permission form (use the READ MORE button for the permission form).

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