Frontier's Mr. Anderson Runs the Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Mr. Anderson, who completed the Boston Marathon on April 16th!

New Student Registration Information

If you are new to Frontier Middle School and would like more information on how to register your student, follow the link below to the Counseling Center's registration page.

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Stakeholders Report 2016- 2017

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School Fees

Click here to pay your school fees online.

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Bus Routes

Find your bus routes and times here.

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Hope Squad

Hope Squad is a group of students working to uplift, encourage and motivate students at Frontier Middle School. Hope Squad students are trusted by their peers and will be trained to listen and respond to other students with empathy, understanding and compassion. Hope Squad students will also be trained to help students struggling with delicate needs find a responsible adult at the school to talk to and receive the assistance they may need.

ASD Connect

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Excusing Absences

Parents, If you need to excuse your child for an absence, please do so through email. The attendance email is [email protected]

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